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  • You said in the thread, you'd give advice on good books about the Sengoku/Azuchi-Momoyama periods. I'd like to know more about that, and my only filters are language (unfortunately, I don't know Japanese) and price, so if its a book one may find in a library, better. :)
    Since you are interested in Japanese History, do you want to join my ShogunIOT? It is set in the Boshin War period and has two Factions: The Imperials and the Shogunate.
    I read your thread and am interested in the game and the Hojo. I just worry about my time. I'll comment in the thread later tonight.
    I would do that also, though I'm happy to play an abbot.

    Once I have names for a few subordinate monks, I'll get my submission in; that said, it is surprisingly quiet.
    It is inactive unless I get a glut of new participants who wish to play in it, or if a bunch of old players really want it to return.
    I might be able to join in! Summer is approaching, and I don't know what kind of time I'll have on my hands.
    hey, just wondering. What can a necromancer do with a ship? Deadtrees->life trees? Reassemble the tree? Zombie ship?
    You sure it doesn't seem like others will come back? It seems likely people will return, I've already talked to Anonymoose and he is pretty excited for the resumption of the NES as well. We had some cool story lines thought up for Al and Wotep.
    Hey bro, you still planning on moddin Sekai? I don't care if you want to wait months between updates, I just want to make sure you still plan on updating, so I can keep writing, I really am looking forward to writing more about Alvinar, but its hard to write when we haven't heard anything from the mod in a month xP.
    Hey, just wondering... what can a Necromancer do with a ship? Dead trees->Live trees? Reassemble the tree? Zombie ship? I think that would be cool, a Necromancer attack on a merchant convoy.
    Hmm...I did mention some wandering Renai in my proposal.

    Yes, I think that will work. Thanks! :D
    So what else can I do to drag players to Tavastara-Zai? I thought it would be a bit more interesting to the other writers than it seems to be, being a commercial and intellectual hub and whatnot.
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