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Mar 24, 2021
Jul 22, 2007
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Aug 15, 1996 (Age: 24)
Workwork Workshop

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Discord Reigns, 24, from Workwork Workshop

GLORY! Glory. glory... Nov 20, 2016

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Mar 24, 2021
    1. CivOasis
      Core is finally limping back into existence; I'm trying to generate interest and character sign-ups while I prep the introduction and IC thread for this weekend/tomorrow.
    2. Immaculate
      Its not mod-intensive once it starts.

      I guess its probably related yes. Sorry; please don't think less of me.

      Truthfully though, i was finding that Effort>Motivation for SPQR. I like the world and all that but its pretty complex and time/brain power intensive.
    3. Eltain
      Terrance I will cut u :(
    4. J.K. Stockholme
      J.K. Stockholme
      I bet you are. Good luck friend; I'll wait patiently for the PM.
    5. J.K. Stockholme
      J.K. Stockholme
      I'm kinda swamped with midterms and term papers, so despite option 2 sounding really fun, I might do a mini-update instead.

      Could you PM me the information Suguda's top military advisors have on Turan politics? Whether I go with 1 or 2 I would need a bit more info than I've been working on so far.
    6. J.K. Stockholme
      J.K. Stockholme
      How would I go about doing that?
    7. Nuka-sama
      clear your PMs
    8. CivOasis
      Well, my internet hates me.

      You said you have a program that can do that? The third one in the NES maps thread (Winkel-triple, first one that isn't messed up), could you scale that one up for me?
    9. CivOasis
      Right, uh... how do you make an image larger without also making it look like a piece of crap?
    10. CivOasis
      Hm. My main concern is with the rivers/mountains, and utilizing them for borders. The map that was used for Africa and SA was yours, correct? Would that be sufficient for waterways?
    11. CivOasis
      Is the "regional maps" thing going to work, or should I just go grab a world map now?
    12. CivOasis
      It's up.

      With about half a dozen largely useless maps, but, eh, it's a start.
    13. CivOasis
      Awesome. Would you be willing to help out with some of the maps? I have a Europe map, but it's rather busy (somebody had fun with the coastlines and rivers).

      Also, would you suggest I begin all the way at the start of civilization, for history (IE, "cradles", though I'd leave the door open for non-urban culture to be written), or have players plop down full nations at a certain point (Say, OTL late classical)?
    14. CivOasis
      Given my RL schedule, I'm thinking about returning Core to hiatus for the time being (because I want to do it right), and starting up a pre-NES worldbuilding thingy for a non fresh-start game.

      Let's say I want to take a series of regional maps, and basically have participants build the histories, cultures, etc. of these locales (so, Europe/Australia/America/etc. would be built separately). As there regions met together, a more widespread map would slowly be assembled, until the actual game started, set either around the Age of Discovery or Age of Imperialism.

      Basically, do a fresh-start for Pre-NES, then slowly expand into a world-building RP that culminates in a proper world map.

      A) Is this a good idea?
      B) Is this feasible?
      C) Will people riot if I have regional maps in different styles, until we pull together the world map?
      D) Would you ever be interested in such a concept?
    15. thomas.berubeg
      It was GOOD! :) I enjoyed it
    16. Optical
      Good idea! :D
    17. JohannaK
      Sorry for going off without an answer, my dad has a bad habit of turning the router off when he goes to bed. :(
    18. Luckymoose
      Posted a story involving Babyface, called Babes Bernard by Thomas. I want you to go investigate the Baron and kickstart a story arc with them.
    19. Eltain
      Ahh, so she is. That .. I do not .. recall that. I suppose I should make her stats, shouldn't I!
    20. Eltain
      Den Mother Kaarliis? Do you mean Skarlas? Or Asrass? Or Izsh?
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    Workwork Workshop
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