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    ""The World of Fallout Florida

    War, war never changes.

    The Liberty Wasteland contains what was once known as New England and the Mid Atlantic. This are contains some of the hardest hit cities of the war in Boston, New York City, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Yet while these were priority targets for Chinese warheads, much of New England was not directly hit although the fallout has seeped into the entire region over the decades. "

    Is the title/subtitle still meant to be "The World of Fallout Florida" or is that something you mean/meant to change?
    If you get a chance to finish updating your post, I'm looking at a launch date of Tuesday (tomorrow if all goes well)
    He'd be 19 starting Cambridge, 23 at graduation, 24-25 at completion of military service. I don't know that Cambridge allows early graduation in the same sense American schools do. No worries on the background, it's fine, just some details there. That still leaves 3 years for him to be promoted to the lead of covert operation? The country's not exactly a backwater, even if it's not a superpower; it's a major developed area with a solid military. Nepotism doesn't stretch *that* far.

    I like the character in general, just a couple of plot holes/discrepancies.
    Also reiterating that I'd rather have him be a friend/relative of the OL than a former partner for multiple reasons of her characterization. If you really really insist on it, sure, I'll allow it, but

    EDIT: And age gap is a bigger issue with her characterization as being a particularly study-oriented student; it's not likely she would have dated at all at that age, esp with someone she wouldn't have had a ton of contact with
    4) Depends a bit on the nature of his position, but he'd have a total of.... 1 year of experience if he was just made director? That's a bit of a rapid promotion (thing I forgot to write down after telling people: 18 months mandatory military service for men, can be done before or after undergraduate education. Because of schedule differences between Europe and SE Asia, he'd also be about 6 mos-1yr older than his classmates even if he didn't do the service beforehand)
    1) No issues with triad connections but linking them to a guy in a prestigious boarding school seems a bit wonky
    2) Reiterating about the name issue. If he's the public head, he's the Minister of Intelligence, group is Ministry of Intelligence (and in Tiongan). I have no problem with him being a more out-of-view Director of Covert Operations, but it should probably be made a bit more clear where he's positioned in the system :p
    3) The age gap between him and the OL makes it kind of unlikely they'd have dated at Cambridge (she would have been preparing to graduate not long after he entered), though knowing each other is certainly far from out of the question. Would either have to age him up 2-3 years or change the nature of their ties (I'm fine with either, though the latter would fit better with my characterization of her)
    Reminder to finish your character for Still Waters - if current interest subs all submit characters, I would be fine to start
    Alright, I'll take your 6 hour truce and prisoner exchange. You bring $12,810 and I'll bring the prisoners.
    Sorry Arya, been slammed with work and music stuff lately. I have a ton of free time tonight, I'll have my signup done by tomorrow.
    I'm on mobile so fast answers.


    Depends on whose teaching him but yeah that's the idea.
    Heads up that you're going to need to change some linguistic stuff. Otherwise will need to look into it more closely later
    I would like to formally thank you for your involvement in Cradle of Man so far. Tomorrow (Sunday) will be the final daily update, and the final update in this format; for this reason, please remember submit any final archaeological stage ideas you have in time for the update.

    As part of the update - which may take quite some time - I will be releasing a very large amount of information. You can see more details on this in the thread.

    Following the update, the next phase of the project will to be to map religions and ethnic groups/cultures in the more common sense across the world. While naming will need to fit into the world itself, I would still like to suggest that you begin planning out these details - and I will not set any limits at this point in time as to how many you may create - to be submitted as part of the next phase, if you are interested in doing so.
    I am in need of spreading necromancy.

    You have the most populace in your dragons. I will like to make a offer: for 25 dragons to become necromancers I will spare a action next turn to be cast in your directive.

    You accept?
    Next turn I will need to develop the teachings of necromancy. I will need to choose a prophet or two.

    Perhaps one of the dragons will enjoy the honor?
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