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  • late congrats on Mod status. But down to business, I'm looking for help on some of my XML files in a custom Obama-Civ. Whenever the Leader name comes up, it comes up "TXT_KEY_LEADER_OBAMA" and when I settled a new city, the 2nd of which I renamed "Manhattan", it came "TXT_KEY_CITY_MANHATTAN". Any tips?
    Well, I'm late,but Congratulations on becoming a Moderator!
    You really are helpful (Got ME started on Modding)
    Congratulations! You were always really helpful with everybody (and you are still helpful). Every forum needs people like you! :goodjob:
    :please::please::please::please::please::please: Please please, please, please! Register to my forum! :please::please::please::please::please::please: We really need you! You are an awesome Python scripter, and I really need one! :please::please::please::please::please::please:

    Thank you thank you thank you. That's just totally excellent, the Astronomy solution. Who'd have thought that would work?
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