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Jun 23, 2016
Mar 21, 2010
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Jun 23, 2016
    1. Tambien
      You should join Statecraft and Duplicity. :) Seriously.
    2. Akbarthegreat
      Lol I remember how the AI babylon was solid even after you were beating them up so much. BTW, I hope you will continue ur story soon.
    3. Akbarthegreat
      Oh man, ia m waiting for an update there! BTW you said that once you get out of the starting situation the Babylonians are actually the best conquerors in RFC, could you tell me what you meant by that? As babylon my stability + money really kills me!
    4. Akbarthegreat
      I really think you should add your 'American Dream' game to your sig, because it will be an instant hit! And have you written/planning to write another amazing story like that one?
    5. Tambien
      Would you like to join Babylon in Dawn of the Lost Nations- Hotseat RP/Diplo Game?

      If you are worried about time, don't be. You would be in an advisory/administrative role mostly.

      If you do join try and come up with a Babylonian sounding name, based on this list of Babylonian names(we are the second nation on the list) or use Lord Tlon Itte. Likewise, you can make up a position name, or use Advisior to the King of Babylon.
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    Where do Tlönittes come from ?