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  • While on the ship to Southeast Asia, your crew gets disgruntled and confronts you about low rations and lack of excitement and low pay. Furthermore, when you reach Vietnam, you see Buddhists outside a temple begging French architects not to tear down their monastery. What do you do for both of these occasions?
    Just wanted to add your quote on Diogenes is off. It is either "Stand out of my light" or "Stand a little out of my sun"
    The King, Louis XVI, reads your war writings and sends you a letter asking for you to join him in Versailles. On your arrival, he offers you the position to lead a military offensive in Siam. What do you do?
    Pamplemousse huh? I was looking at my dish soap, (grapefruit scented), and I saw that in french grapefruit was Pamplemousse. I got you.
    Oops, that was meant for DKVM. How would your character react if he was put in charge of Reconstruction after the Civil War?
    Thanks for the post about Q Adams Mole People mission. Looked into it, funny stuff! I updated the presidential candidate's quick bio -- you should check it out.

    We do not want Neutrals harmed in the fight that the Thanyou Empire has so carelessly started.
    How about Nuclear Non Agression Pact?

    Anyways, I suggest that you remove your population back to its centers, but keep those who wish to stay and a military contigent (to maintain the bunkers) on the Civilized Archipleago.
    If you havn't gotten the news, I'm the person whose going to be modmoding the UUs and UBs in SouthernKing's "I had this Great Idea",
    anyway, your UB the freezer is hard to code, so instead of the +3health from the techs, I just added +3health, I hope thats okay.
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