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  • Hi Vranasm,
    You left me a message long time ago about how the game deals with numbers:
    "not sure I fully grasp what you ask about those roundings. There is no uncertainty in C++ or better said data type conversion.

    if you assign float into integer then always you take just what is before the decimal point (aka 2.3 = 2, 2.5 = 2, 2.9 = 2) if you want to do some roundings you typically add +0.5 since it doesn't change the integer (2.3+0.5 = 2.8 = 2, 2.5+0.5 =3 = 3, 2.8+0.5 = 3.3 = 3)
    or some languages offer "round" functions."

    I was waiting to find some substancial evidences to reply. Code-wise, it hasn't changed.
    But looked at this article on unit upkeep, there is a mention of rounding down and up.
    1.05 Made the game a whole hell of a lot more fun. There are a lot of new legendaries, and set items that make it so Barb isn't the only good class. Now Witch Doctors, and Wizards are almost as good. Also they added Ubers, and Monster Power which is like the /Player # command from 2 only it works when there is more than 1 person in the game.
    Pollina is to good, I can't pass him. Every time I get above him he submits 1 game, and comes in first, and passes me again. :(
    I had enough votes that I elected myself to be the chair, and then needed 2 AI to win. Automating cities focusing food ftw! x]
    With out vassals it's an extreme pain. Not to mention how long it takes to build it, and how much that map script makes building it take longer. :\
    Nah I got screwed by RNG, and didn't get the 3rd GA I needed to beat you. I could have come a lot closer if I didn't build a second engine. I don't know much about getting the best time possible with space. Also If I Libbed a military tech instead of Communism, and went to war for land instead of settling the new world I would have beat you. My start was freaking nuts.

    My last 5 I had 2 neighbors that I took out with Cuirs by 1400 AD. But the other continent had a super Alex who was in another religion. So when I went to war with the other big AI after he declared, I should have attacked Alex if I did I would have won, Monty broke free, and I wasn't able to stop Alex who took a whole 0 cities from vassaling Suli.
    Oh my ing god, HoF Challenger 05 is the biggest slog ever if you don't get the warmongers on your continent so you can deal with the early.
    I would have launched around 1700 if I didn't get RNG screwed. I had 2% chance to get a second spy instead of a 67% chance to get the artist I needed for a GA to build the rest of the parts in like 12 turns. But I got a spy. :( I hate space, and other slow victories like that. Takes sooooo freaking long. I got sick of microing my workers in the Bcs, and had them on auto. >.>
    Yea, good to know. Got a terrible finish date, but should have beaten you with the start I had. Oracled CS, my biggest mistake was Libbing Commy. I should have Libbed Steel or something, and just reached near Dom through military instead of settling the new world. I also kinda derped it up, and had a brain no longer cares moment just wants to finish while I was settling the New world, and didn't settle everything.
    Vicawoo is great as it is. I know when he writes something, it's gonna be intelligent and well-thought. People used to CIV forums know him. I barely speak to him, read few of him, but the few made my mind.

    I got the same reaction: a fragile strategy tends to attract lots and lots of attraction and responses.

    As for I, I just asked for some criticisms (not all the way...yay...yay...it's great line ad nauseam) that would enhance the article of my life, but anyways. Either I'm an authority or I am writing too much people get asleep during the read.

    BTW, patience! Ignore the guy until he brings evidence. I am waiting for instance. I don't want to take him down at first sight without the final words. If he don't bring anything, then the article will die. As simple as that. Unless people keeps trolling in retaliation.
    I am pretty sad now that such great guide as Horse Archer rush by vicawoo got like 12 responses and that trolling guy got 6! pages of responses for such bull...
    No reaction....hmmm... *big evil grin and derp eyes* let's start epic poke time.
    You sure did react in Brennus thread, phlegma boy.
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