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  • Hey, just a reminder that orders for NutraNESIV6 are due tomorrow at noon (12:00 GMT -4). Late orders will only be accepted up till midnight (24:00 GMT -4) as I already extended the deadline by a week.
    Hey Lopaz. I just saw you were online and i would like to offer you a spot back at RP. Well i dont have to offer you a spot. You can come back anytime you want. But it would be great to have you back Were at 300 pages!

    Things you might want know:

    Elections are going on right now. The LMP are in a coalition with the monks (led by Ravus) and the jokers (led by me). They are led by aysee.

    There are summaries of each term that can substitute for reading the whole 300 pages. They are called the books of ravus since he wrote them, and there are links to them on the front page.
    Lopaz, old realpolitk friend, guess what? Realpolitk is now at 150 pages, almost 20 members, and is a monster. The LMP is one of the minor powerhouses, led by Aysee. Everyone would love for you to come back. You can ask any one of us to help you get back, or anything. Come back!
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