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  • Whassup homes? I won't bother you again until after Christmas. This is totally what you want, though, spam from me when your computer finally starts working again/you log on.
    I don't know if you saw but I did get to amusingly shout *flake* in slow-motion. Also, if you're not busy, I'm hosting a minigame building Dhah-Zanomar if you're interested. I really wanna hold off until you can participate, but I dunno how much longer I can.
    It's okay. I was going to *amusingly* shout the word "flake" in slow-motion but realized I didn't know where you lived/were, and could be without power because of tha hurricane. I believe in the nurse.
    Oh also thank you for the reply regarding prettification. That's awesome of you :D
    It will be around when you get back! :D (What with my procrastination and busy-ness it might not even start til like a week before you get yo computer anyway)
    Friendly reminder to send SKNES orders (Turn 6)
    I'm going to NPC Barcelona if you are unable to send orders - feel free to rejoin though.
    Friendly reminder that orders for KNES are due today. though you haven't been on in a few days. so you might not get this in time. I'll shift them over to full NPC this turn then. you can reclaim them at any future time, and your AP is saved.
    This is a friendly reminder that you have yet to send orders for SKNES (Turn 4)
    (I understand that you're busy, so if you can't send that's fine)
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