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  • I cannot find the original quote because of Xenforo's awful search engine, but I remember your headsup about Sergio Moro being in cahoots with those who are now in government and I want to thank you and acknowledge that you were right.
    I'm reading your book about how to conquer bread. Is there a way to see it in white text over a black background, as in CFC Black mode?
    I'm not sure, from a quick look at the page I can't find anything that does that
    Hey, I've just seen your comment about Trotskyism. Well, obviously I am not a Trotskyist (and, as you may already have guessed, I have a hard-to-pin position). But it was not aimed at you; rather, it was aimed at RT and Cheezy mostly, as the former once insisted that I am a Trostkyist (maybe he wanted to convert me? I think it was the only way in which he could rationalise the fact that someone who is let-wing disagrees with him) and the latter insists that all political deaths in Cuba are actually US Secret Service operations that are pinned on the Castros.
    I (vaguely) remember that photo of you and your friend horsing around in your school uniforms that you posted in Members' Photos years ago, so I'm never particularly surprised what other people remember, especially if they have a specific reason to file something away for future reference.
    Besides, starting a thread to call out a teenager for having silly opinions invites one to say that the sky is blue and it rains a lot in the UK.

    (I should know - I had plenty of silly ideas when I was your age. :p)
    So basically Luiz has started a whole thread to say, "a teenager was wrong, liberals suck and I hate the government"?
    Why do I get the feeling that six years ago you were still at school in London and therefore totally ineligible to meaningfully support Dilma at the time?
    While I welcome new players I will take your application as a simple place holder; the game as a simple requirement and thus you will have to choose a leader and a proper naming. There is potential to parody in this game; don't lose it.
    Could you please, please submit something for Still Waters? Even something small. If players do it by earlyish tm I can get the update started
    You have not submitted RP for Still Waters yet - this is a reminder to do so.
    Orders are due Sunday at 4:00 PM EST, but I will be unavailable until that time.
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