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  • Hey dude, congratulations on winning the first debate!

    I had a lot of fun debating with you and I'm sorry the format was such a hassle. You live and learn though!

    How was your Thanksgiving?
    Hey man, good show. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish you the best of luck with the poll. Also, have fun this weekend!
    Working on my claim. Do you mind, (if you have the time) posting a bit about how the good and bad things about the format in the commentary thread?
    Good deal. FYI I redacted my fact checks. I shouldn't have put that there, it goes against the inteded structure of the debate. Sorry
    Hey, I'm really sorry but I won't be able to work on my last claim tonight. I will get to it at 8am tomorrow and I'll be free all day so we should be able to finish by tomorrow for sure. Sorry.
    Wanna call it a night after we finish this claim set? I've got 1 more post left, you have 2, if I counted correctly. We could pick up again tomorrow. Alternatively, we could just leave it open without a set time and just post when we have a chance.
    I don't know if downtown's around, I never heard back from him, so I'll post this here from the rules and format:
    Double Rebuttal – A single point that refutes multiple (2 or more) points or points and the claim entirely.

    You are using multiple points to refute multiple claims. This isn't within the definition of a double rebuttal. If you want to wittle that all down to one point, I'd be fine with it. But as from what I can tell, you're using both points simultaneously to refute multiple points, where you are only allowed to refute one or use a double rebuttal to knock down multiples entirely.
    So 7pm EST now? Works for me.

    Hey, the rules say that post order gets reversed for the 2nd claim set so I go first this time. I forgot to mention that it gets reversed again on the 3rd set. Are you ok doing that?

    This way you get the first post of the entire debate and I get the last. Is that ok with you?
    Your inbox is full again. Anywhoo this is what I wrote to you just now in response to your last PM:
    Naw I just deleted it. I don't mind being a stickler for the rules, that was really bad on my part.

    Unless you really wanted to counter that. But truthfully I'm fine just deleting it. I think I can salvage it for later. Hopefully.

    I'll see if DT can mod tomorrow and try and make arrangements. You have a good night. I had fun.
    Okie dokie! So we are go for 6:30 pm tomorrow? Can I go ahead and announce it?
    Also, 6:30pm EST right? That's 5:30pm my time, and it works for me. Just want to be clear.
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