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Jan 16, 2018 at 12:01 PM
Aug 28, 2005
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November 21
Stamford Bridge
Web Developer

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In pork I trust, from Stamford Bridge

warpus was last seen:
Viewing thread Walmart raising minimum wage, citing tax reform, Jan 16, 2018 at 12:01 PM
    1. hobbsyoyo
      If you go to the settings menu before loading a game, turn on 'advanced tweakables'. This will let you right click on a tank in the VAB and use an arrow button to cycle through fuel types. It turns out the default game allows you to change fuel types, you just have to enable it in settings.

      That or I have a mod installed that I long forgot about.
      1. warpus likes this.
    2. metatron
    3. hobbsyoyo
      You are a cool dude Warpus.

      That is all.
    4. Kennigit
      hey by the way, do you snowshoe any?
    5. Snerk
      Happy b-day! [party]
    6. hobbsyoyo
      lolololololol you're contributions in the 'should i assume she doesn't like me thread' are hilarious and spot-on. Some of the posters are really sounding like creeps!
    7. Kennigit
      heyo warpus, I kind of have two questions for you about hiking and travels:

      1) you have any opinion or recommendations for good hiking in the canadian rockies? specifically by calgary. Just googling around I've convinced myself I should squeeze in a 2.5-3 day backpack trip right in mid september (probably weekend after labor day) to catch the tail end of the "summer" season. Which just to name drop would be Lake Magog in Mount Assiniboine or yoho national park or banff national park. Jasper or mt robson would be a bit far away.

      2) I only had skimmed your travel tales and such but how was the norway trip? You've probably posted about it but I don't pay attention lol, I'm sure you'll write it up as part of your travel series too though right?

      I don't know when but I guess I've built the vague sense that sometime in the next few years I should go somewhere across the world for the views. That's probably years down the road but I guess it's a goal to try to do someday.
    8. Lohrenswald
      Which dates are you in Oslo, again?
    9. Lohrenswald
      For some reason I felt like responding to this.
      Now, I don't actually know, but I imagine that the majority of immigrants, including poles, are located in the Eastland, whereas you'll mainly be in the Westland and Northern Norway.
      You might come across some in Oslo, though.
    10. Domen
      "Classic Soviet deflection techniques.. Like I said, I'm onto you."

      O co Ci chodzi ??? 0_o
    11. Tahuti
      Is your nick pronounced as Warp-Us or War-pus?
    12. Mouthwash
      Bring back evil Santa Claus.
    13. caketastydelish
      would you like to play civ V with me some time, Warpus?
    14. timtofly
      "Twenty years ago, we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Now we have no jobs, no cash, and no hope. Please don't let Kevin Bacon die.."

      I just read this somewhere, and thought you might like it.
    15. bhsup
      You know how your mind can race ahead and anticipate things, sometimes incorrectly? I read this by you "I think you just insulted God's creation, dude." However, my mind raced ahead and I was expecting "I think you just insulted God's junk" :lol:
    16. hobbsyoyo
      Here you go.

      Sorry it was so long. It had to be; there was a lot to cover. Hope it's helpful and not too boring.
    17. hobbsyoyo
      Yeah I heard about the save game breaking. :(

      How did your computer crap out? You building a mini-super computer to replace it?
    18. hobbsyoyo
      My latest mission in KSP was a barrel of fun. There is more in the post below that one. I got back into it and have been really enjoying it. There is an update coming soon that will be a lot of fun. They redid the textures on Mun and fixed the wobble issue for big stations. I am pretty stoked. How you been?http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=12595389&postcount=1025
    19. Takhisis
      warpus uses logical pork strike! It's super effective!
    20. downtown
      Outstanding man, thanks for the share!
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    November 21
    Stamford Bridge
    Web Developer
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