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  • Sorry, really fell out of the modding world between kid, graduation, job and computer failure. Now that I am working on getting back into things, I am mostly trying to focus on Civ5 stuff, especially since all my tools (and the game itself) are somewhat lost with the old computer. So it is fairly likely that the project doesn't go any further.
    Hey Xienwolf,
    Do you at all intend on finishing your editing the DLL guide? It's proven very helpful and all but I've having some issues with creating a LinkedList type of array, which you mentioned you'd cover in the arrays section, but you never got around to that. If you could, I'd really appreciate it.

    Works well enough, since I fried my computer last night anyway :p I'm online now and should be available for a fair while. Though my current connection comes and goes at random.
    Twelve hours from now is to late for me. And I don't like just playing a turn when we get a chance- it's too slow. How about we wait until tomorrow? :)
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