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500 AD [BTS] 2016-10-05

500 AD [BTS]

  1. veBear
    The year is 500 AD and the world is at total war. The Byzantine is engaging in a large scale war with its long time enemy the Sassanids while barbaric nations have carved their way out of the old Western Roman empire and are fighting for control of the once so mighty Rome. China is divided by the Qi and Touba Wei, and nomadic confederasies are searching for any way to conquer their technological superior enemies. The Gupta Empire controls most of India, while Sri Vijaya, Yamato and Goguryeo are earning lots on a flourishing trade, while across the sea, the Mayans have just started to bloom. The choice is now up to you. Will you lead one of the civilizations to great glory to be talked about in the future? Can you create a civilization who can stand the test of time?

    1. Byzantine Empire - Justinian - Easy
    2. Sassanid Empire (Persia) - Khosrau II (Darius) - Easy
    3. Kingdom of Axum (Ethiopia) - Kaleb (Zara Yaqob) - Medium
    4. Kingdom of the Franks (HRE) - Clovis I (Charlemagne) - Easy
    5. Goth Kingdoms (Vikings) - Theodoric (Ragnar) - Easy
    6. Vandal Kingdom (Arabs) - Genseric (Brennus) - Medium
    7. Hunnic Peoples (Mongols) - Atilla (Genghis Khan) - Hard
    8. Gupta Empire (India) - Chandragupta (Asoka) - Medium
    9. Hepthalite Confederacy (Mongols) - Mihirakula (Cyrus) - Hard
    10. Rouran Khaganate (Mongols) - Dengshuzi (Qin Shi Huang) - Hard
    11. Touba Wei (China) - Xuanwu (Kublai Khan) - Medium
    12. Qi Dynasty (China) - Goa (Mao) - Medium
    13. Goguryeo Kingdom (Korea) - Jangsu (Wang Kon) - Medium
    14. Yamato Empire (Japan) - Kimmei (Tokugawa) - Hard
    15. Sri Vijaya Confederacy (Khmer) - Dharmasetu (Suryavarman II) - Medium
    16. Mayan Cities - Pacal - Very Hard

    Minor Nations (can not be interacted with, at war with everyone):
    17. Toltec Cities (Aztecs)
    18. Andean States (Incans)

    I think that should be all info you need.
    Enjoy, and do not forget to rate and comment in my thread :king:


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