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HRE Austria Switch v2 2016-10-05

HRE Austria Switch v2

  1. veBear
    As HRE=Germany, this mod solves the headache simply by removing HRE and renaming them Austria. I left the old version up too if anyone likes it better. This time, the UU suits better, but there are no new LH art. Their LH is basically Charlemagne with a new name; Francis I (of Austria, also known as Francis II of HRE, and the HREs last emperor).


    Civ Info:
    Spoiler :

    UU: Pandur
    +10 City :strength:
    Immune to first strikes
    Spoiler :

    Base image:
    Spoiler :

    Austria uses the Rathaus as UB, and the Landskhnecht (or whatever) art is now the European Pikeman art :)
    Francis I also have unique diplotext
    If you want to, merging in Franz Joseph from my other Austria mod is possible, but remember then to add a new tag for him, so that you won't have two Charlamagne in the same xml sheet. Also, you'll have to edit a whole lot of other references too if you want him to have the diplotext i made for him in that mod.

    For Modders:
    The Leadertag for Francis I is LEADER_CHARLEMAGNE, and Austria uses the same colour and ART_DEF_CIVILIZATION as Holy Rome. Be aware of this when merging this with mod that includes Holy Rome.

    How to implement:
    Put in the in My Documents/My Games/Beyond The Sword/Mods directory or C:/Program Files/"Your Civilization IV Folder"/Beyond The Sword/Mods directory
    Then load the game and choose Options -> Load Mod -> HRE Austria Switch

    Enjoy :king:

    Check out my other civs!


    - Zwei822 for his Austria Flag, which I sligtly optimized for it to look even better
    - Me for UU, and putting this together


    1. austriaopenpage_0N5.jpg
    2. austriapediapage_pHS.jpg
    3. pandurpediapage_3r3.jpg
    4. trenckpandur_jR4.jpg