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A World in Arms: US Army of WW2 2017-09-23

US Army WW2

  1. imperator1961
    Here part II of US Army of WW2:
    US LTV(A)-4, US LTV2, US M1 40mm AA, US M1 40mm AA Sandbag, US M1 240mm Howitzer, US M1A1 Howitzer, US M1A3 57mm AT Gun, US M2 90mm AA Gun, US M3 75mm AT Gun, US M3 105 Howitzer, US M3 Half Track, US M3 Lee, US M3 Scout Car, US M3 Stuart, US M3A Half Track, US M3A1 Stuart, US M4A1 75 Sherman, US M4A1 Duplex Drive Screen, US M4A1 Sherman Deep Wading Gear, US M4A1 Sherman Uparmoured, US M4A1E9 76 W Sherman, US M4A1R3 Sherman Zippo, US M4A2 Sherman 75mm, US M4A2 Sherman 76mm, US M4A3 75 wCalliope

Recent Reviews

  1. MadGAD
    Version: 2017-09-23
    Really cool, even if it not so fit with other units, your artillery is very good because of crew.