Advanced Nukes Mod v1.6 for RoM 2.7 2016-10-05

Advanced Nukes Mod v1.6 for RoM 2.7

  1. Civ Fuehrer
    ANM will expand upon the nuclear arsenal of this game with MRBMs, IRBMs, Hydrogen bombs, and more including a super nuke i named the Peace Maker. This part was in the older NAM (nuclear arsenal mod) that i converted to RoM 2.0 from Pegasos' modmod which also contains Missile Defense Projects. What's new however, is that i integrated The J's Planetbuster mod and plan on using that for an all-new fusion nuke line. These new bombs are neat and clean, no fussing about with all that radiation fallout. Instead, it just annihilates the target into nothing, with nothing but water left. The newest bombs that are to be released are just the opposite. Powerful chemical bombs that make a bigger mess than a regular nuke, producing anywhere from twice to five times the mess. These special chemical bombs not only spread plagues to your enemies, but it makes ocean almost impossible to benefit from with toxic sludge. Here's the thread!
    ANM v1.6
    this file is Pegasos' NAM and The J's Planetbuster put together and converted for Rise of Mankind 2.7.
    Here's a link to the thread
    -Must have Rise of Mankind 2.7
    -extract folder to BTS/Mods
    -allow all replacements
    -have fun nuking!