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AG's Yields Reduction Mod (AGYRM) for VP v0.10

Authority reworked so it's not so swingy.
Many balance changes made.
Atomic Buildings, National Wonders and Wonders Yields Reduced
Information Buildings and Wonders Yields Reduced
Project related Wonders (Apollo Program, Crystal palace, etc..) Yields Reduced
Espionage Siphon Yields Reduced
All Units Cost Reduced
Tech Costs Readjusted up to Modern Era
Tech Costs Reduced from Atomic Era onward
Ideology Tenets Yields Reduced
Modern Buildings, National Wonders and Wonders Yields Reduced
Corporations Yields Reduced
Bugfixes and minor balance changes made
Enlightenment Era Policies Yields reduced.
Industrial Era Buildings, National Wonders and Wonders Yields reduced
Tech costs up to Industrial Era have been adjusted.
Minor fixes and adjustments
Renaissance Buildings, National Wonder and Wonders yields reduced.
Medieval Policies yields reduced.
Enlightenment Era Integrated with yields reduced.
Founder, Follower, Enhancer and Reformation Beliefs yields reduced.
Medieval Era buildings, Wonders and National Wonders yields reduced.
Medieval Era Improvements and GPTI yields reduced.
Wonders and National Wonder up to Classical Era yields reduced.
Buildings and Improvements up to Classical Era yields reduced.
Minor fixes and Great Work Yields reduced.
All Civilization Unique Ability changed to reduce yields and/or for balance reasons. A few were slightly reworked.
Celtic Pantheon yields reduced in response to the yield reduction to standard Pantheons.
City State related yields reduced.
Specialist yields reduced.
Ancient Era Tech costs reduced.
Cut down on yields for Tradition, Progress and Authority. Slight rework done in the process.
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