AI Attitude Unfold! 2016-10-05

AI Attitude Unfold!

  1. NeverMind
    BtS patch 3.19 version of Blacksun's AI Attitude Unfold!

    AI Attitude Unfold use SDK function int CvPlayerAI::AI_getAttitudeVal to show real attitude of AIs toward the player. This function exposed to Python and used in the scoreboard along with standard Attitude Types.

    Note, it's not just a sum of visible "+" and "-" (as in BtS Foreign Advisor) but final AI feelings about you, including all hidden elements!

    Other components: 50 civs limit, Main Screen Mod

    - Unpack it to your CIV4\Beyond the Sword\Mods folder.
    - Game Menu: Advanced--Load a Mod--AttitudeVal.
    - Watch the numbers in the scoreboard!

    For more info and discussion visit the forum thread.


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