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Russian America 1.3 2016-10-05

Russian America 1.3

  1. NeverMind
    RUSSIAN AMERICA mod for Civ4:Colonization v1.01
    Version 1.3

    This mod adds Russia as a new playable nation and some useful modcomps.

    Russian America
    * Russian Colonies (New Russia)
    Expansive trait: +50% Time between Tax Increases, +50% Travel Time to Europe
    * Ermak - Cossack Ataman, Conqueror of Siberia (not America, but both New World and Wild East for Russia)
    Aggressive Trait: +33% vs. Natives, Free "Cossack" Promotion for Mounted Units
    * Aleksandr Baranov - First Governor of Russian America
    Protective Trait: Free Warehouse in every Settlement
    * Russian Empire and Tsar of Russia - Peter the Great leaderhead graphics borrowed from Civ4
    * Russian Unit Order/Selection sounds from Civ4, Orthodox Cross for Russian missions
    * Diplomacy Music: extracts from Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Modest Mussorgsky
    Intro Screen: "Ermak's Conquest of Siberia" by Vasily Surikov (1895)
    Loading Screen: "Russian Squadron on the Sevastopolskiy Raid" by Ivan Aivasovsky (1846)
    * 3D Leaderheads - Ermak and Baranov (charle88)

    Colonies and Natives
    * Portugal - borrowed from AOD2 and BtS, including graphics and audio components
    * Maya (Natives) - borrowed from BtS, including graphics and audio components
    * Inuit (Natives) - based on CIV Gold mod

    * 3 new GameSpeeds: Blitz (150 turns), Slow (1800), Extended (3600)
    * 3 new World sizes: XXL (66x100), Giant (100x150), Ultra (132x200)
    * 2-Plots City Radius
    * Abandon Colony - New option: Once City Screen is up, press CTRL+X to abandon the active settlement.
    * New Europe Screen (koma13) - new graphics, lift boycotts option and other useful tweaks
    * Financial Advisor (Melinko)
    * Cheat Menu (Dale) - Use CTRL-Shift-Z to add money and to set AI Autoplay
    * FaireWeather MapScript (cephalo) - Random map that simulates earth-like plate tectonics, geostrophic and monsoon winds and rainfall
    * Main Screen Mod - Civ names in the Scoreboard, Attitude Icons (Porges)
    * New Intro Music: James Horner "Coming home from the sea" (Perfect Storm movie main theme)
    * Static Leaders (optional) - animated leaders replaced by static images

    Installation and Game
    - Delete previous version of the mod!
    - Unpack to your [Col2 path]\Mods folder.
    - Game Menu: Advanced--Load a Mod--Russian America

    For more info and discussion visit forum thread


    1. surikov600_GCr.jpg
    2. rusam_worlds_mHP.gif