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AI Leaders Personality (Vanilla, Warlords, BtS) 2016-10-05

AI Leaders Personality (Vanilla, Warlords, BtS)

  1. ori
    These are three Excel spreadsheets of the Beyond the Sword 3.13, Warlords 2.08 and Vanilla 1.61 CIV4LeaderheadInfos.xml files. In these versions all tags are annotated

    The BtS version was compiled by karlkrlarsson
    The Warlords version was compiled and annotated by ori
    The Vanilla version was compiled by NeverMind and annotated by PeteT

    Discussion Thread

    I am planning to go through the files for 1.74 and 2.13 to check for differences - but there do not seem to be any major changes if any.

    Edit: 3/3/08 reupload file to database