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Civ4 Culture Calculator 1.5a 2016-10-05

O.H.Dog;3335863 said:
For you cultural victory enthusiasts, here is an Excel spreadsheet to help figure out when your cities might achieve cultural victory. It allows four cities to be calculated, and gives you latest date of the fastest three.

Once I got going I got on a roll. I added a few little extras. I hope you like it.

Since each patch seems to change game speed values, I have made the spreadsheet more flexible. Version 1.4 now lets you choose which patch level you have 0.0, 1.09, 1.52, or 1.61.

I also added an option for custom CIV4GameSpeedInfo.xml files.

If I am slow off the mark for the next patch, you can enter the values yourself from that file.

Building on O.H.Dog's great work I added the new BtS gamespeeds so that this spreadsheet can now be used for BtS as well.

Note: BtS changed the turn count from years to months so the spreadsheet now looks a bit awkward and now gives years like 1991.25 I added a table to readout the month from these values to the sheet.

Enjoy and :hammer: the AIs on their quest for cultural victory :scan:


please use this thread for any comments or ideas.

Edit: uploaded fixed file 11/29/07 - it now does work for BtS, thanks again to O.H.Dog for help!

Edit2: 3/3/08 reupload file to the database
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