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Civ4 Culture Calculator 1.5a 2016-10-05

Civ4 Culture Calculator 1.5a

  1. ori
    Building on O.H.Dog's great work I added the new BtS gamespeeds so that this spreadsheet can now be used for BtS as well.

    Note: BtS changed the turn count from years to months so the spreadsheet now looks a bit awkward and now gives years like 1991.25 I added a table to readout the month from these values to the sheet.

    Enjoy and :hammer: the AIs on their quest for cultural victory :scan:


    please use this thread for any comments or ideas.

    Edit: uploaded fixed file 11/29/07 - it now does work for BtS, thanks again to O.H.Dog for help!

    Edit2: 3/3/08 reupload file to the database