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  • I mistaken made a duplicate thread. Could you please delete "Latin Translation" in the off-topic forum. The one without the poll please.

    Since I've not gotteng permission to post in the News Updates forum, I'll be sending you the announcement tomorrow. I hope it can fit into one PM (it should now that some new code was added, considerably shortening the text).
    Hey ori how can I post a poll I try but it never actually appears after I post a thread. Although it has been awhile since then I don't think it has changed if it is a moderator thing can open it for me please, because I wish to open a poll thread.
    Hey, thanks for dealing with the spam bot in my thread. I took out the part of my post where I quoted them, but I apologize for quoting them at first.
    Will you please move the Olive Branch thread to the Tavern and reopen it. I have gotten a lot of messages from people who liked the thread and are peeved that it got closed. Will you please move it so we can have it back?
    Hi! I just saw that steam offers civ V -66% off today. Would you please put this info on the cf-homepage, so anybody interested sees it?
    hi, can you help me?
    I am trying to find out how to use the PBEM in game mailer, does it function? Civ IV BTS vanilla.

    Hi, Tambien Here.
    Myself and a group of Civ4S&Ters have recently started a paper for the forums, designed to bring more viewers to the S&T forums. I wanted to know if it would be okay to post the paper in the CivIII, CivIV, and CiV General Discussions. Can't wait for your reply. :D

    The relevant Group and Thread:
    The Group
    The Thread
    A new thread has been opened in the Civ4 Stories forum that is a new index of stories. You may want to sticky it.
    Ori, your my last resort for help. Playing CIV4 BTS 3.19 Quot Capita vers 8.1. The button to purge non-state religions is missing -- AI civs purge their non-state rel but I cannot do same.
    Have been plagued with this problem since early October. All games have been clean re-installed and patched. please help.
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