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Alexandrian Holy Knight (Gen Beatrix) 2016-10-05

Okay, I've got the last UU for Alexandria done; the Holy Knight, which is based off the charachter of General Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX.

Beatrix was a semi-playable character (you only get to have her in the party like two or three times, but it was worth every second), who was also, arguably the most bad-ass charachter in the whole game.... When she was a villian, I fought through three greulling boss fights, all of which lasted about 15 min each, only to have her end the fight by using ONE ATTACK that reduced my entire party to 1 HP each.... Of course when she's convinced that Queen Brahne is evil (mainly by the fact that Zidane was able to prove that Brahne was trying to kill Princess Garnet, her own daughter!!), and joins your party, she continues to kick ass (she was able to defeat just about every monster encountered with her special attack that wipes out your party at the end of each fight against her)....

Anyways, this unit basically recycles the animations from my Female samurai... Except for the Attack A. I wanted Beatrix to keep both hands on the sword for the entirety of the Attack A animation, so I made a new Attack A animation.

Click here for fixed animations.
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