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The Playground Mod 3.0

A battle royale between Pokemon trainers, Ninjas, and Giant Death Robots.

  1. Bluemofia
    Grade school was a simpler time. There was no need to panic about bills, unemployment, or the inevitable nuclear apocalypse. It was a time when your largest concerns were getting through math class alive, not missing your bus, and seizing control of your enemy's capital so you can use its strategic location to gain a monopoly over the trade in the region.

    But in spite of the idyllic appearance, the Playground is a harsh place, where children battle each other for dominance. What begins as a small dispute over control of certain parts of the Playground escalates into years of massive wars, which shake the very foundations of the School. Soon, child is fighting against child, giant death robots battle Godzilla, and tanks are rolling across the soccer fields. In the end, there is only one goal in the mind of all who attend the School: The complete conquest and subjugation of all other students.

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