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Amazon Civilization ModComp 2016-10-05

This modcomp adds the Amazon civilization to the game.

The Amazons have two leaders available, Marpesia and Penthesilea. Both have the Protecive trait to emphasize the importance of the archery units for the Amazonian civilization. Alternative leaders can be found for example in strategyonly's Modular Amazon Civ (Myrine) and Smeagolheart's Leaderhead Gallery (Hippolyta).

The unique building is the Archery Range, replacing the barracks. This building offers 3 extra experience points for archery units.

The Amazon Civilization has two unique units, the Javelin Thrower (replacing the Axeman) and the Light Cavalry (replacing the Chariot). Both units have the advantage of 1 first strike compared to the units they are replacing. Further, the Javelin Thrower counts as archery unit and therefore also enjoys the above mentioned boni.

Beside for the unique units graphic, this civilization has it's own unit art style consisting of female units.

This modcomp is mostly modular. However, there are some files that can't be made modular. These files are two xml files (Audio3DScripts and AudioDefines). The changes in the xml files can be found near the buttom of the files (lines 22861-23063 and lines 10979-11027). Further there is a sound folder with custom sounds that must be placed direct into the base mod Assets folder. All files in the zip-file are already put into the necessary folder, unzipping it directly in the Mods folder of BtS should result into a working mod.

If you look at the file structure of this modcomp you'll notice that the unit files are scattered over six folders. I did this because this way this modcomp will use the same folders as my other modcomps (Female Great People, Female Missionaries, Female Modern Soldiers and Native Amazons). The Amazon Civilization modcomp uses the same art files as these modcomps. All double files should be overriden, which does not harm the functionality of the older modcomps.

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- The makers of the FfH units from which I borrowed most of my unit heads and the Archery Range.
- Ploeporpengal, the Scientist unit is based on his imported Pirates! barmaid
- Walter Hawkwood, I used his Mercedes Benz model as basis for my Mustang.
- Bakuel, I used the several parts of his units.
- MetaDaemon, I used the head of his Female Ultra Low Poly Model for some of my units
- BioWare, the audio files are from their game Dragon Age Origins.
- Type-Moon, the Middle Age General is heavily based upon one of their original characters.
- Ploeperpengel's 'female sound animations' was my starting point for my animation sounds.
- The_Coyote for teaching me how to shader units & leaderheads
- Kathy's collection of Amazon units for the inspiration (and some parts of the skins).
- strategyonly for setting one of the Civ4 Amazonian foundation stones with his amazon civ.
- All the users that gave their feedback to my unit creations.
- All the writers of the tutorial section and helpful people in the forums. Without those, I'd never have learnt how to mod in the first place.
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