Animation Patch & Other Art Mods for MNAI

Animation Patch & Other Art Mods for MNAI 0.08

Mercenary hand fix
No longer modifies Units/CIV4UnitInfos.xml
Wraith combat animation changed to axeman
Merged CitystyleModMod, modified for compatibility with MNAI and better elven forest looks
Included fangorn style ancient forest BUT NOT IMPLEMENTED IN GAME
Fixed typo in readme
Unique graphics for Lanun Beastmaster, Horseman, Mage and Archmage
Changed unit graphics for Lanun Phalanx to Tercio
Bigger sword and bigger hat for Mercenary
Better Button for Mercenary
Illians Ranger fixed swordsman taunt
Added gloss to Mercenary pauldron and arm plate
Covered twisted part of Mercenary left arm with plate
Shadow(Generic) combat animation added as Native American Dog Soldier
Grigori Medic combat animation added as Axeman
Loki combat animation added as ModernArtist_Activate without fade
Mercenary idle/fidget animation changed to French Musketeer
Calabim Archmage/Empyrean Priest/Empyrean High Priest idle/fidget animation changed to Charlemagne_LightSpearman
Japanese Samurai blood hurt animation fixed typo
This patch is not compatible with vanilla FFH2
Less complicated installing
Losha changed back to melee (fortify animation changed to Aztec Jaguar)
Eater of Dreams/Mobius Witch/Infernal Mage combat animation added as Viking Berserker
Courtesan/Calabim Mage combat animation added as default
Changed OO Cultist back to legacy version to match the button
Illians High Priest of Winter idle/fidget/fortify animation changed to Charlemagne_HeavySwordsman, combat animation changed to Viking Berserker
Bannor Flagbearer fortify/combat animation added as Warrior
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