1. Blake00

    CivSprite Tool (ToT) 2.0 Beta

    About: Mercator's brilliant CivSprite Tool that allows you to extract animation and mask frames from Test of Time sprite spr files and also replace them with your own new custom animating units! Latest version also supports ToTPP's extra unit and terrain slots! Original 1.0 website: 2012 Backup...
  2. LeastCraft

    QUESTION: How do you change the frequency of fidget animation?

    So about testing fidget animations: I know I can test then out in nifskope, but sometimes the nifskope animations do not line up perfectly with ingame animations, especially if you added bones like clavicles. Also some effects like gloss do not work in nifskope. It would be nice if one can...
  3. LeastCraft

    Animation Patch & Other Art Mods for MNAI 0.08

    Thread link: Install Instructions: 1. Start with MNAI 2. Copy contents in this folder to the "Asset" folder in MNAI Done! Changelog v0.01 Losha idle/fidget/fortify animation changed to Spy, combat animation changed to Aztec...
  4. LeastCraft

    [GRAPHICS] Animation Change

    Download Link I noticed that some units are lacking combat animations / have bad animation assigned to them so I thought why not change it? After following through Gagonite's extremely helpful tutorial I managed to give Losha a mordern spy idle and fidget and jaguar combat and movement: Then...
  5. Ardan Arianis

    Problems with audio/animations of unit

    Hi, everyone! I'm trying to create a unique unit for a new civ. This unique unit is a witch worker, that is, a female worker that uses magic to improve tiles. I've been having some problems due to my lack of expertise. For the graphics, I'm using the Earth Mage from saibotlieh (see here), and...
  6. TyrannusRex

    Please fix the Malon Raider...

    To be honest, this is an issue I've noticed since the Mapuche were first added to the game back in Rise & Fall, and I'm surprised it hasn't been addressed yet. For whatever reason, the Malon Raider is the only cavalry unit in the game to have this animation issue. This is not how you sit on a...
  7. TyrannusRex

    [NFP] Unusual graphical glitches on leaders

    I was playing a Zombie Defense game today and on certain occasions a couple of the other leaders... had some issues. I'll just put these here and let it speak for itself. Mansa Musa's were always temporary, Frederick's was permanent.
  8. Dude211212

    Making Cities/Wonders/Improvements Look Always Pillaged

    Hello all. I'm working on a post-apocalyptic mod, and one of the things I want to accomplish is making everything look like it's always pillaged, even if it's functioning. For example, a campus and library that are overtly burnt and burning, but are functioning as far as the science output...
  9. TyrannusRex

    2D Animated Leaders?

    I'd love it if a skilled animator and/or modder could figure out if it's possible to have two-dimensional, yet animated, leaders on the diplomacy screen. If it's not possible to have a 2D image animated within the engine, or a very, very thin 3D model (see: Mr. Game & Watch), then perhaps it...
  10. TyrannusRex

    2-D Animated Leaders?

    Most mods just use static 2-D images for their leader's diplomacy screen; that's fine and all, since 3-D animation often takes a village (not to mention a bank), but I'd love to know if it'd be possible to actually animate a 2-D leader and have the game run it alongside other, 3-D leaders. The...
  11. civRookieGr

    Quick Combat offense is always on

    I play c2c on latest svn but also on v38.5 quick combat offense option is always on. I checked my options and i have it unchecked. It is nice to see the animations of guns and tanks firing. After a while i enable quick combat on offense and defense and no combat zoom to speed up the game and...
  12. Kangasaur

    Help needed with importing unit graphics

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum, and new to modding in general. I've been trying for several days to import a dummy model and animation - a cylinder with a hover animation - into Civ 5 from Blender, but I've had a problem: neither Nexus or Nexus Buddy 2 is importing the animation I created for the...
  13. G

    [BTS] Difference in movement animations between Warlords and BTS

    Hi! I am wondering if someone else has noticed this. I've searched for a long time but can't find this issue being mentioned anywhere, which is quite frustrating. Basically, I am a long time Warlords player, but recently began trying out the BTS expansion. While I think BTS has been a major...
  14. Bosque

    Forest Fires?

    I am currently playing a game as Norway, on the YNAMP Terra map. For one turn, I noticed an animated forest fire blazing on two adjacent tiles. One tile was tundra forest with a fur camp. The adjacent tile was a forest inside my Piopiotahi National Park. The flames were blazing in the trees...
  15. Cladoniaceae

    Custom units from other existing art def unit members

    Novice modder here. I was toying around with making a more shamanic-looking alternative to the Missionary unit and thought it would be fairly simple to make a new art define by copying the Missionary XML and pasting in the already existing unit members Barbarian_EURO_Alpha (for the deerskin...
  16. Infixo

    .dge files

    Is there a program to view .dge files? Or in general: how to view Civ5 animations?
  17. Sam W/ Bombdard

    Sam W/ Bombdard

    Screenshot of Civ IV Vanilla of three units in action with the bombard promotion


    the CivDOS startup earth animation as GIF file... ;-) (sorry, not all the text...) °done by GoldBerg for°


    caesar anim made by GOLGBERG for
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