Army and Fleet Groups / Temporary Stacking 1.0

Helps attack the 1upt problems with having to move many units from point A to point B.

  1. Ewok-Bacon-Bits
    The goal of this mod is to help with one of the biggest problems with 1 unit per tile which is tediously moving your entire army across a continent, an ocean or even across your empire. All this is done without sacrificing the fun part of 1 unit per tile which is the tactical element.

    In this mod you can stack your units into 1 unit (an Army Group or Fleet Group) which sacrifices it's strength for some additional movement until it is deployed. Once it reaches it's destination you can then deploy it and tactically place your units to the nearby tiles. This is all done through unit actions.

    Here are some examples of what this looks like:

    Spoiler :
    ArmyGroups1.png ArmyGroups2.png ArmyGroups3.png

    *In an army you can have a total of 5 land military units and 5 support units.
    *In a fleet you can have a total of 5 military sea units.
    *A unit cannot join or create an Army or Fleet unless you have full health, full movement, are not embarked and have no air units stationed.
    *A unit cannot deploy if it is embarked or has zero movement
    *Beware if your army or fleet group is attacked it will try to find adjacent tiles to deploy the units in it, but they will lose 50% of their health. If they cannot find an adjacent tile including if it is in enemy territory then everyone in it will die.
    *Armies become faster with Era

    Modding-Constraints and other changes:

    *A unit's XP is saved, but because -as far as I know- it is impossible to set a unit's promotion level, I have compromised. A unit's promotions will not be saved so once the army group is deployed you will have re pick those promotions (the good side is you heal this way or can reselect promotions based upon the situation). I may try to create another mod to redo the XP system because I think in vanilla promotions is basically just selecting the same promotion over an over with little choice or meaning but that is my opinion.

    *All military buildings have been changed so they will not give XP bonuses but instead they yield +3 Production instead of +1. There is currently again as far as I know no way to track these bonuses.

    *I cannot set the name of a unit outside of a complicated UI context action so if you change a unit's name you will have to manually set it back.

    *This is incompatible -for now- with any mods that change the UnitPanel.lua and UnitPanel.xml.

    I have tested all these things multiple times but I'm sure there is bound to be errors so any suggestions and/or bugs feel free to post!

    Here is the steam link: