Ennorath Civilizations - Alpha 1.06a

This is a very indepth scenario set in the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

  1. Ewok-Bacon-Bits


    That this is in an Alpha state! Though it should be pretty stable and everything has been tested, it has not been done thoroughly.

    There is no wiki for anything. I do want to add this but for the time being you can either ask questions here or discover everything as you go!

    Expect long scenario load times.

    This is a very indepth scenario set in the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. It takes place in 3018 of the Third Age starting with the events from the fellowship of the ring. There are 18 realms to choose from each with it's own unique units, heros, starting position, lore, abilities, art style and some quests.

    Victory Conditions

    There are two Leagues that are set against eachother the 'League of Sauron' and the 'Free Peoples' while some realms can remain neutral and conduct their own diplomacy. Those apart of the Free Peoples want to bring the ring counter down and those against want to bring the ring counter up through quests and other items specified. The ring counter goes down by 1 each turn until it reaches 10. The ring counter is invisible to all players but events will give a basic idea of where it is at depending on the civilization. Once it reaches 10 then the League of Sauron can bring it up to 20 to win or the Free Peoples can bring it down to 0 to win. Alternatively any civilization can attempt to destroy all others in a domination victory.

    - 18 Unique Civilizations, every single one has a unique art style for it's UI and cities
    - Several quests that unique to certain civilizations which offer rewards
    - 60+ event pop-ups, some of which offer choices others will inform the player of what is happening in the world
    - Science is replaced by Lore, each civilization has a unique Lore tree, 100+ unique Lore items
    - 127+ Regular Unique Units
    - 52+ Hero units each with their own special bonuses
    - Government is replaced by Leagues, it can be changed once at the beginning depending on your Realm
    - Completely unique Promotions, Policies and Civics
    - You cannot build settlers you have to work with what you have, some civilizations have lore items that will spawn additional cities
    - Defences like walls cannot be built but are earned through Lore which makes them a valuable commodity
    - Leaders (Ex. Sauron) are units on the map as heroes and provide amenities and if they die you will lose them.
    - Access to Iron, Mithril and Horses increase the production of specified units

    - This will not work with any other mods, you will want to turn this off and on depending on when you use it.
    - Multiplayer is currently uncompatible. There are too many functions working which will cause a loading screen each turn. I might try to fix this but it may mean that many features would be stripped out in multiplayer. If you and whomever your playing with doesn't care about these loading screens then multiplayer should work fine but you will need to edit the civ files which can be found on the forums on civfanatics.

    - Sometimes the music will stop playing with enough alt-tabbing, if you really want to fix this just save and reload the game.
    - The AI sometimes uses heroes properly other times it will suicide them - as it does with support units in vannila
    - City 3d models disappear when attacked or makes an attack; I think this is a problem with animations.

    Fellow Modders

    - ispanets: Designed some of the map and placed all of the resources on it, also helped with some civilization design

    Everything else

    - Music is from various renditions that have been cut and spliced together by youtubers like 'jediking12' (I also additionally edited them) - which were made by Howard Shore.
    - Unit sound effects are taken from the mod Third Age Total War.
    - Some images are taken from deviantart like those of the Haradrim cities by 'DireImpulse'
    - Many Civic/Tech Backgrounds, Heroes, Events images are from the LOTR movies with some editing in photoshop
    - Symbols and other items like the map can be found via creative commons with an image search most are heavily edited and some were created from scratch
    - Ringbearer font from font space by Pete Klassen
    - Tengwar font by Johan Winge from dafont.com

    If I have left out something please feel free to message me! I can take stuff out or give you proper credit.


    Spoiler :
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