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AutoAvoidGrowth v1.1 2016-10-05

AutoAvoidGrowth v1.1

  1. Archid
    Auto Avoid Growth

    Automatically prevents a city from growing if it would become unhappy and/or unhealthy

    Forum thread here

    Two new Player Options are available from the main Options dialog allowing you to prevent growth of your cities if they will become unhappy or unhealthy following the growth.

    On the world screen the city size icon will change to a pale blue when a city is in this state, e.g. it has an equal number of happy/unhappy citizens, but it still has some room left in its growth bar.

    Once the growth bar is full and the city was prevented from growing the previous turn the icon will turn to red text on a pale blue background.

    On the city screen the food bar text will change to Avoiding Growth in blue if the city will be prevented from growing on the next turn.

    New version with release dll rather than debug dll uploaded!

    Some images here
    Spoiler :

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