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Better Builders Mod V0.9

Up to 4 new Builder units unlocked through the technology tree.

  1. MaJoR of CHAOS
    Starting Builder Unit
    Ancient Builder.PNG
    Late Game Builder Unit
    Modern Builder.PNG

    Builder Improvements
    • An Ancient Builder, A Medieval Builder, An Industrial Builder and a Modern Builder can all walk up to that one barbarian. You know what happens next:badcomp:.
    • The Builders get progressively better and Consequently more expensive.
    • You can upgrade the Builder unit into the next one with gold
    For a detailed list of Features check here
    Spoiler :

    The builder units themselves
    Ancient Builder: is the exact same as the normal builder. 2 Base Moves, 3 Build Charges(unless your china in which case 4), Cost 50 and plus 4 for every builder built e.g First builder costs 50 the second costs 54 and so on.
    Medieval Builder: 3 Base Moves, 4 Build Charges, Cost 64 and the same increase per builder.
    Industrial Builder: 5 Base Moves, 6 Build Charges, Cost 72 and the same increase per builder.
    Modern Builder: 8 Base moves including what ever other changes to travelling across sea tiles and what not have been introduced with the unlocking of new techs/civics, 9 Build Charges, Cost 80 and the same increase per builder, Base sight range increased to 3.

    Unit upgrades: The Ancient Builder upgrades to the Medieval Builder which upgrades to the Industrial Builder which upgrades to the Modern Builder.

    • It is impossible to allow all the builders to build roads. Not a worry because I have another mod which allows: Settlers to build roads
    • I haven't had a chance to update all of the art artdefs.
    • In order to fix the Icons you have to actually copy over the original game files so until there is a workaround you might see something like this but it still works fine
    Confused art assets.PNG
    • I haven't checked but I'm expecting China's Leader Ability to be broken I'll hopefully be able to fix that in the next patch if not i'll give them a new ability.
    Co-Author: MarkSullivan
    Contributions: Fixed china's leader ability and fixed most of the broken artdefs.
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Recent Updates

  1. Version 0.9: Bug Fixes