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Better City Specialization 1.5

Overhauls the district system to require more city specialization.

  1. Update 1.2

    -Reduced Stock Exchange yields to +2 gold and +15% gold in city (was +4 and +20%)
    -Reduced Power Plant yield to +4 production (was +6)
    -Adds new Cistern building: +2 Housing, unlocked at Engineering, required to build Sewers (NOTE: there is no icon in the tech tree and there is a randomized one in the city screen unless you follow the directions in the OP)
    -Integrated the Improved Aerodrome mod
    • Aerodrome receives adjacency bonuses: +1 gold from Neighborhoods, +4 gold from Commercial Hubs, +2 gold from City Centers
    • Biplanes, Fighters, P-51s, and Jet Fighters can be built without an Aerodrome
    -City state yields have been reduced to balance Bank, University, Museum, and Factory yields from adjacency bonuses
    • Scientific, Cultural, Religious, Commercial, and Industrial city states give their matching district types +1 yield instead of +2
    • Commercial city states give capitals +2 gold instead of +4 (other CS bonuses to capitals are unchanged)
    • Military city state bonuses to unit production are unchanged
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