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Better City Specialization 1.5

Overhauls the district system to require more city specialization.

  1. Update 1.5

    -Fixed major bug preventing mod from loading
    -Grant free Cistern when starting in Industrial or later eras
    -Halved the effects of the following policies which buffed district adjacency bonuses for the Campus, Commercial Hub, Industrial District, and Theater
    Aesthetics, Craftsmen, Economic Union, Five Year Plan, Natural Philosophy, Sports Media, Town Charters​
    -Reduced Power Plant production to 3 (was 4)
  2. Update 1.4

    -Moved Cistern to Irrigation instead of Engineering
    -Sewer is now correctly required to build the Water Treatment Plant
  3. Update 1.3

    -Sewer housing reduced back to 2
    -Sewer now provides +1 amenity
    -Added new Water Treatment Plant building, requires Sewer and provides +2 housing/+1 amenity and is unlocked at Plastics.
  4. Update 1.2

    -Reduced Stock Exchange yields to +2 gold and +15% gold in city (was +4 and +20%)
    -Reduced Power Plant yield to +4 production (was +6)
    -Adds new Cistern building: +2 Housing, unlocked at Engineering, required to build Sewers (NOTE: there is no icon in the tech tree and there is a randomized one in the city screen unless you follow the directions in the OP)
    -Integrated the Improved Aerodrome mod
    • Aerodrome receives adjacency bonuses: +1 gold from Neighborhoods, +4 gold from...
  5. Update 1.1

    -adds a +1 gold adjacency bonus to the Commercial district for adjacent City Centers and Entertainment Complexes
    -Updated the Stock Exchange, Research Lab, and Broadcast Center to provide a small base yield and a percentage boost to that city's yield instead of another adjacency bonus
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