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Better Espionage Screen 2.1.1

Improves the espionage screens by adding filters, side panels, etc.

  1. September 2019 Update


    Fixes for September 2019 update.
  2. Fix for Spy Overview Panel

    Re-adds the filters to the spy overview panel

    Edit: Actually attached the zip file now
  3. Gathering Storm Update

    1. Makes the mod compatible with gathering storm
    2. Remove the top district checkbox with a panel that adapts to any districts being added. This will make this mod compatible with any mod or Firaxis DLC that will add new district types in future.
    3. Adds a "International" filter.
  4. Rise and Fall Update

    1. Makes the mod compatible with Rise and Fall
    2. Adds spy icon on districts if a current mission is active there.
    3. Adds city-state filter if player has Rise and Fall
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  5. Updated for Fall 2017 patch

    1. Makes mod compatible with the Fall 2017 patch.
    2. Fixes bug with the local player not showing up in the filter pulldown.

    Also major thanks to @oerms for helping with this update!
  6. Summer Patch 2017 Update

    Makes the mod compatible with the summer patch 2017 update.