Better Espionage Screen 2.1.1

Improves the espionage screens by adding filters, side panels, etc.

  1. astog
    Better Espionage Screen
    Compatible with Rise and Fall


    This is my third UI mod (after Better Trade Screen and More Lenses). The main purpose is similiar to the other two, to add Quality of Life features and improve the Civlization VI UI. Here the Espionage Screens are overhauled to reduce the number of clicks and find the right information quickly.


    Filter Options:
    • Allows you to filter the cities based on their districts. So for example you wanted to select a city with Spaceport and Industrial Disctrict, check both their respective checkboxes, and any cities that do not have those districts will be hidden.
    • You can also filter based on civilizations.
    • Holding CTRL while checking a box, deselects all other boxes.

    Side Panel:
    Mission list is shown as a side screen, rather than replacing the destination list.

    Just extract the mod to your Mods folder. For most users it is located here: Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods

    This mod is compatible with most mods out there. Special attention needs to paid to UI mods. Any mod that edits the following files will not be compatible: