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Better LUA Editor (ModBuddy extension) 2016-10-05

Better LUA Editor (ModBuddy extension)

  1. CommanderZ
    The default LUA editor present in ModBuddy is crappy as hell. The time has come time to replace the weakest link!

    This extension offers LUA editor which is both faster and more feature rich. It even offers full IntelliSense (code suggestions) support! Just hit CTRL + SPACE!

    This extension is slightly modified NPLLanguageService (all the credit goes to the original author).


    The installation is a little different this time (NPLLanguageService is not open-source, so I had to improvise).

    1) Install either Vanilla Assets Browser or this fix (follow the installation instructions in the Vanilla Assets Browser thread)
    2) Close ModBuddy
    3) Go to <ModBuddy directory>/Extensions/Application
    4) Delete (or move somewhere outside this directory) file LuaLanguage.dll
    5) Download the attached archive and extract into this directory
    6) Done

    Note that any update to ModBuddy can break this.

    Forum thread:


    1. npl_3nP.png