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Subversion for ModBuddy (ModBuddy extension) 2016-10-05

Subversion for ModBuddy (ModBuddy extension)

  1. CommanderZ
    This extension is a treat for folks who love to have all their code under version control. It is a simple modification of the AnkhSVN Visual Studio Plug-in (r9905).


    - see the status of files in the Solution explorer
    - commit, revert, update
    - view file differences against the working copy
    - browse repository

    This extension does not implement 100% of AnkhSVN functions, but all the core functionality is there.


    1) Download the attached archive and extract it
    2) Register ModBuddy as Visual Studio Isolated Shell
    3) Open the "vsix" file found in the archive
    4) Visual Studio Extension Installer pops up - click Install
    5) Once the installation is complete, close the window
    6) Restart ModBuddy (if it was running)
    7) Right click into the tool bar area and enable the "Source Control - Subversion" panel, so you can quickly access the SVN functions

    Forum thread:


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