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Brigit the Shining (FFH2 Unit Model) 2016-10-05

Brigit the Shining (FFH2 Unit Model)

  1. MrUnderhill
    UH Units: Brigit the Shining
    By Mr.Underhill

    This is a new unit model for Fall from Heaven II.
    I got tired of Brigit looking just like a normal Valkyrie (in vanilla FFH) or a recolored Seraphim (in Fall Further), so I fired up Blender and made this. Most of the components came from seZereth's other models, so major kudos to him.

    This zip contains the model file and a sample XML file. All you have to do it unzip it into your "Fall from Heaven" folder and you're good to go. If you're using a modified ArtDefines file, you can adjust it for the new model by looking up ART_DEF_UNIT_BRIGIT and changing NIF to:


    and KFM to:


    EDIT: Uploaded version 2.0 . Brigit's hair and skirt now animate properly, her wings now have a separate, higher-res texture, her skin is less saturated and she now has a glow map. (Thanks, Kael!)


    1. brigitsc1_J85.jpg
    2. brigitsc2_C1z.jpg
    3. brigitsc3_018.jpg