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BtS- Empires of Earth (4 map pack) 2016-10-05

BOOM! Shaka-laka-laka!
EoE is out for Bts!

This pack actually comes with 4 total maps:

BtS- Empires of Earth (Standard)
(Same standard civs from the classic Earth18Civs, w/ different leaders)

BtS- Empires of Earth (Old World)
(Same map, new world civs traded for Carthage, Korea, Vikings)

BtS- Empires of Earth (Pimped)
(Same map, changed countries out for as many BtS civs as possible)

BtS- Empires of Earth (Urban)
(Same map, all players start with historically accurate cities, some with only a few, others with multiple. Not about fair, about accuracy. Might be hard to play on multyplayer. looks like China, India, America are superpowers, while Aztecs and France are mince meat.)

Installation: Install file to the /BeyondtheSowrd/PublicMaps folder, unpack inside there. if you do not have Winrar, you will need to go google "free winrar download" and get it in order to unpack this rar file. Worth getting anyway, since its free and you can use it for everything else as well. If you were running civ during the download, restart it, or else the new maps will not be able to be played on.

You got any questions or concerns? please send your lordly worship or concentrated hate to:

P.S. TOTAL PROPS TO RYHE!!!! for his genious on the Earth18Civs map, which these maps are entirely based off of. Also, please check in periodically for new work by me, i tend to constantly release more final versions to things i already said were final, cause with my maps i am a perfectionist. Plans for a BtS- Empires of Europe with 18 civs is under way, along with a middle east and east asia project. :)

Random Stuff:

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