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Empires of Earth 2016-10-05

Completly based off of Rhye's earth, Empires of Earth is aiow, meaning, the civs in the Americas are replaced with more civs in the old world. The Vikings, Carthage, and Korea are all now playable, and start on their historic locations (Vkings=Trondhiem, Carthage=Carthage *duh*, Korea= Seoul *also duh*) Team version of Empires of Earth also available. Lotto players build armies, Earth players build Empires. E4L

Installation instructions:
-Take map and unpack with Winrar (if you need winrar, google "free winrar download" and voila you have it to use at your will) move unpacked map into /warlods/publicmaps. After placed into publicmaps folder, make sure civ is restarted if you had it running during the Install.
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