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[BtS][Python]zRoutes 2016-10-05


  1. Zebra 9

    Version: 0.1
    Type: Python MOD COMP
    Compatability: BtS
    MP: Should be
    Discussion: Talk and Ask Questions Here

    A little christmas something. :D
    This MOD COMP allows MODers to restrict the movement of certain units to roads and railroads. I had tried this with warlords but it didn't work for the AI, this has been changed in BtS.
    It uses an INI file for configuration, this file has comments to help you understand what it does. But here is an example.
    [UNIT_WARRIOR]    ;We want to work with the warrior unit
    ROUTE_ROAD = True    ;the warrior is only allowed to move along roads
    [UNITCLASS_ARCHER]    ;we want to work with the archer unit class
    ROUTE_ROAD = True
    ROUTE_RAILROAD = True    ;the archer unit class can only move along roads and railroads