Buffed Resources

Buffed Resources 0.4

BUG FIX: strategic resource tiles are not buffed by districts or buildings until after the correct technology is researched.
-Stables now gives +1 production to Horses
-Barracks now gives +1 production to Copper
-Armory now gives +1 production to Iron and Niter
-Aqueduct and Baths now give +2 food to Oases
-Aqueduct and Baths now give +1 food to all tiles within 2 range
-Campus now gives +2 science to Mercury and Uranium (was +1)
-Copper is now buffed by Encampment instead of Industrial Zone
-Diamonds and Jade are now buffed by Theater instead of Commercial Hub
-Entertainment District now provides +1 gold and +1 culture buffs (was +1 culture)
-Holy Site now provides +2 faith buffs (was +1)
-Theater now provides +2 culture buffs (was +1)
-Arena now buffs Entertainment resources by +1 gold
-Zoo now buffs Entertainment resources by +1 culture
-Shrine now buffs Holy Site resources by +1 faith
-Amphitheater now buffs Theater resources by +1 culture
-Granary no longer provides a base food yield and provides 1 housing (was 2)
-Water Mill now provides +1 food, +2 production, and 1 housing
I just noticed Theaters were incorrectly giving production instead of culture. Whoops.

This hotfix corrects that.
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