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Burning Eye 2016-10-05

Burning Eye

  1. Valkrionn
    This is just a simple modification of the Floating Eye in FfH (unfortunately, I'm unaware of the original author; If someone knows, let me know so I can update it. ;)).

    Basically, I combined the effect from the Fireball (also need the original source) with the Eye unit, and then recolored the skin (Gray scale, filled the white of the eye with red; The white in the pic is actually shine off a gray iris). It was needed for a new unit in Rise from Erebus, but I'm putting it out as I'm sure it can be used for something else (Eye of Sauron if nothing else). ;)


    1. civ4screenshot0002_2_LF4.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0003_1_IU9.jpg