Call To Power 2 SDL2 Port for Modern Windows, Linux & MacOS

Call To Power 2 SDL2 Port for Modern Windows, Linux & MacOS 11-10-2023

In 2023 Spyroviper went public with his very impressive special release of Call To Power 2 that uses the Apolyton Edition source code to create a special SDL2 port for Modern Windows, Linux & MacOS that unlocks the frame rate, is fully 64bit compatible, and fixes many of the compatibility bugs. The port is so good, fast and stable compared to the original game and the Apolyton Edition so it is fast becoming the version of choice for many of the fans on the CTP Discord. The only downside to this version is that it removes compatibility for movies and multiplayer which is probably a deal breaker for some but hopefully that may change one day. To keep things legally friendly you still require the original game files (has been designed to work with the GoG release however I was able to successfully test it with my old CD copy) for this port to work.


This version of the software Call to Power II is a heavily modified version of the Apolyton edition of the Call to Power II source code.

The executable, dll files and modified Apolyton game data are NOT supported nor created by Activision. The game data does NOT mean you do not require purchasing the game, as the data files from Apolyton are for additional graphics and text files only.

You STILL NEED to buy the game for required game data, otherwise it will not run.

This version of Call to Power II has many enhancements over Apolyton:​

  • All assembler code is removed
  • All ancient Direct Draw, Direct Sound dependencies are removed
  • All blitting code, drawing code, sound and input code are using SDL2
  • The code does not require ANY DirectX or Windows-specific libraries
  • The Miles Sound System is removed
  • The game is both 32bit and 64bit compatible on Windows (and 64bit only on GNU/Linux and macOS)
  • The game has been compiled with the very latest libraries for Zlib, Tiff, Freetype, SDL2, Lzma and libJpeg
  • Many bugfixes that Apolyton on github never added
  • Much faster development than Apolyton

There are also some notable absences:​

  • No movie playing (FFMPEG is removed), because some older systems either do not have the latest versions or are unable to support it
  • No Multiplayer - this is due to the ANet dependency that was removed
Other than these two things, the game is fully playable and enjoyable.


Development can be viewed in JIRA:


To install this edition of the Call to Power II game, follow these instructions:​

  • Buy or Install the game from GOG
  • Go into the installed game directory and go into ctp2_program/ctp
  • In the 32bit or 64bit directory where this README is, copy the 'dll' folder and all .dll and .exe files and paste them in your installation directory. Overwrite everything if it prompts you to do so
  • Go back to the base 'Call to Power 2' directory and go into the ctp2_data directory
  • In this directory, copy everything from inside the ctp2_data directory in this download and paste it in your Call to Power II ctp2_data directory
  • Overwrite all files if it prompts you to do so
  • Double click on the ctp2.exe in the ctp2_program/ctp directory. After a prompt, click 'ok' and the game will begin.
Note: Be sure to use the correct version (32bit or 64bit) for your system. If you don't know, choose 64bit. Unless your machine is very very old, it will work fine.

I hope you enjoy this software and may it continue to live on for many years to come.

Yours sincerely.
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