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Changing Civ4 Model in max without loosing animati 2016-10-05

Videotutorial made by kodzi for people using 3ds max for making units to civ4.
With this method:
1. You may delete poligons/vertices (the videotutorial shows how to delete face for rifleman)
2. Possible you may move poligons/ vertices of course just a little bit - you need to keep model around the bones - but for example eneough to make annoying backpack flat or hand thicker ot thinner or attach your models and make your own uvw unwrap - experimental and doesn't work well (it's deforming model a little bit -head becomes blocky and less rounded). If you find out this let me know. Still you can attach new head in nifviewer.

And you need to rember about:
1. Use this plugin
2. I said about bones but i would say it once again - you need to keep model around the bones - moving leg to much left could bring weir animations results
3. Before you save hide everything (every bone) except model.
4. Save as - with another name - saving marine.nif as marine.nif would make all the model looks crappy in game - you always need to save with other name.
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