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  • Hello asioasioasio, i dont know if you still read this but i would like to use your mod as a base for my own ww1 and 2 mod. Do i have your permission? Greetings skyfire
    Hi asioasioasio,

    first of all, your 1939 mod ist great, still playing it.
    I installed bug 4.4 over it and still working great with some improvements in interface.

    I would like to create a new europe and world scenario.

    But I also would like to merg some imporvements into the mode - like surround and destroy.

    My question. Is 2.80 the final release or is some newer version as a beta somewhere ?
    Is there any chance to make the code public so I can do the mergeing ?

    Thanks for any reply.

    This may seem a little weird to ask.
    Once upon a time apparently you requested a soviet marine which was uploaded to here. He didn't specify what animations to use, and thecowwarrior tried to figure it out and couldn't, and I figured that I would ask you, since you requested it. I and others would like to use the soviet marine. Do you know what animations it uses? Thanks.
    Hey I love your work it's all really good, I have a simple request though, is there anyway could do this unit? It's about the same as your dassault ouragan, just a rounded nose, you don't have to skin it or anything but if you could just add a nose to the dassault and send it to me that would be great

    Cześć. Nie wiesz może gdzie bym mógl ściągnąc mod z polskimi plemionami. Gdzieś jakiś link do nich nie działał.
    About the World War II - 1939 Mod

    I am spirit to discover this Mod (in 3.17v) apparently realized with a lot of ingeniousness and talent :goodjob:, but - if I may allow myself- I shall all the same want to pass on to his designer some constructive criticisms and councils for his improvement (in particular in French and Italian equipments :eek: !!!)
    Not to encumber this Forum with this exchange, would it be possible to have a more personal contact?

    PS: I have just deposited myself a new thread named “ A New MOD for WW2 ?!”
    I finally figured out what your avatar is!
    Pip Boy from Fallout set to a Che Guevara background.
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