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Jul 25, 2019
Mar 4, 2006
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Poland, EU

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Fallout Scrubber, from Poland, EU

asioasioasio was last seen:
Jul 25, 2019
    1. skyfire
      Hello asioasioasio, i dont know if you still read this but i would like to use your mod as a base for my own ww1 and 2 mod. Do i have your permission? Greetings skyfire
    2. Ryukil
      Hi there, it seems the current download link for the 1939 mod isn't working...
    3. onkelm
      Hi asioasioasio,

      first of all, your 1939 mod ist great, still playing it.
      I installed bug 4.4 over it and still working great with some improvements in interface.

      I would like to create a new europe and world scenario.

      But I also would like to merg some imporvements into the mode - like surround and destroy.

      My question. Is 2.80 the final release or is some newer version as a beta somewhere ?
      Is there any chance to make the code public so I can do the mergeing ?

      Thanks for any reply.

    4. Merkava120
      This may seem a little weird to ask.
      Once upon a time apparently you requested a soviet marine which was uploaded to here. He didn't specify what animations to use, and thecowwarrior tried to figure it out and couldn't, and I figured that I would ask you, since you requested it. I and others would like to use the soviet marine. Do you know what animations it uses? Thanks.
    5. dacubz145
      Hey I love your work it's all really good, I have a simple request though, is there anyway could do this unit? It's about the same as your dassault ouragan, just a rounded nose, you don't have to skin it or anything but if you could just add a nose to the dassault and send it to me that would be great

    6. asioasioasio
      I don't know. I would like too, but it's hard to find time :/
    7. Pouakai
      Hey asioasioasio, will you be making any more wonder mods in the future?
    8. Nitram15
      thanks :)
    9. asioasioasio
      Yeah. I play sometimes :) - asiox3
    10. Nitram15
      do you play multiplayer on civ 5?
      and what's your steam name?
    11. asioasioasio
      hey sergio :) first game in civ5 behind me :) We should try some MP games :)
    12. bergrar
      hi mate :) long time :) civ5 is here hope to hear you soon. ciao sergio
    13. fromAustria
      have you become my private message?
    14. Love Joy
      Love Joy
      Cześć. Nie wiesz może gdzie bym mógl ściągnąc mod z polskimi plemionami. Gdzieś jakiś link do nich nie działał.
    15. Nitram15
    16. Nuvoloblu
      About the World War II - 1939 Mod

      I am spirit to discover this Mod (in 3.17v) apparently realized with a lot of ingeniousness and talent :goodjob:, but - if I may allow myself- I shall all the same want to pass on to his designer some constructive criticisms and councils for his improvement (in particular in French and Italian equipments :eek: !!!)
      Not to encumber this Forum with this exchange, would it be possible to have a more personal contact?

      PS: I have just deposited myself a new thread named “ A New MOD for WW2 ?!”
    17. asioasioasio
      Yup, mix of che guevara and pipboy (fallout is one of my favoured games)
    18. Xenomorph
      I finally figured out what your avatar is!
      Pip Boy from Fallout set to a Che Guevara background.
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    Poland, EU
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    World War II 1939 Mod for BTS Released!!!
    More info here
    Poland in Civilization V
    We, fans of the game, would like to see a change we can believe in! We dream of playing as a Poles, if not in an original release, then maybe in one of expansion sets that for sure are being planned. Please join our cause on FaceBook and back up our efforts by undersigning our petition on official 2K Games Forum. It might be just one small click for a man, one giant leap for civilized mankind. Many thanks for your support.
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