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Stalker 2016-10-05

It's 6th December, but Santa wears grean suit and gas mask this time ;). For those who red fabulous book by Strugacki's brothers, watche movie by Trakovsky, or played computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R., knows that Stalker is pearson who visits the Zona. Mine Stalker was heavy based on game (wich differs much from book and movie) so he's ready to search Pripyat and vincinity for valuable artefacts. He of course will be happy if he'll find home in any postapocaliptical/sf mods ;)

The model is heavier than standard Firaxis job - textures are higher resolution (one 256x256 aqnd three 128x128 - so it's quite much), there's also a litle bit more polligons. But they are still sensible values.

It uses many hours of my work, but also Millenia (awsome texture of infantry), SeZereth (hockey's body armor wich i remodelled and retextured to modificated kevlar -it's seperate mesh so it could be used in other models), Chuggy (Parts of equipment), Firaxis (modification of theire infantry - long trousers and noi pockets, and gas mask from Cyborg). From new stuff there's AKS-74U.

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