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Civ 6 Portugal Civilization (Not compatible with official Portugal Pack DLC) + Lusitânia v32.00Beta

Portuguese empire at their best times!

  1. raen
    Portuguese empire with Afonso de Albuquerque and Joao II as leaders and more!

    Henry the Navigator Legacy, Mare Clausum, Conquest By Sea, Early Globalization, Nau, Feitoria, Padrão, are traits for conquering the world by exploring by sea.
    More Info!

    Still beta version, any problem please let me know.

    Some Screens (probably old ones but you get the picture)
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Portugal & Leaders current state of the art (some still in dev)


    Spoiler :

    Description: Portuguese empire at their best times!

    UA: Lusiads - Provides an envoy with a City-State when you establish a Trade Route. Each International City provides a free trading post. After researching Nautical Science and Exploration, Naval units gain the ability to enter ocean tiles and can form into fleets or Armadas, respectively. Portugal can recruit Grande Explorador and cannot recruit Great Admiral and starts with one and only Pastor Lusitano instead of Warrior. Bairro Alto unlocks Project Marchas Populares.

    UU: Nau - Unique ranged naval unit that unlocks at Cartography. May pillage coastal tiles. Upon moving adjacent to a coastal plain terrain of a city-state, places a Feitoria on it. Anchored at Porto (with Porto Maritimo), adjacent to a commercial hub and subsequently to the city center, places Bairro Alto National Wonder District in a Hill also adjacent to the city center. Receives a bonus vs cities and gold when a city is captured within two tiles of a Nau based on the number of luxuries around the City.

    UI: Porto - Replaces Harbor, available at Sailing. Provides Grande Explorador instead of Great Admiral. Porto unlocks Project Exploration of the New World.

    João I

    Spoiler :

    Quote: Master of Avis, I am the father of a Nation, of the Illustrious Generation!

    UA: Illustrious Generation - Provides one Great Person point per turn from All Genres but excluding Great Musician and Great Engineer. Gains a free spy at Guilds.

    UU: Mestre de Avis - Replaces Spy. More chance when recruiting Partisans. Starts with Seduction and Quartermaster promotions

    UU: Barca - Replaces Dhow. + 5 melee strength.

    UU UA: Barca Central Commerce - Barca anchored at Porto (with Porto Maritimo), adjacent to a commercial hub and subsequently to city center, places Casa de Ceuta National Wonder in Commercial Hub.

    Infante D. Henrique

    Spoiler :

    Quote: From my wind rose of Sagres I see my ships sail to the new world, where new seas and riches unfold!

    UA: Naval Order - International Trade Routes to other civilizations provide +2 Faith and +2 Gold for Portugal. Naval units gain + 5 melee strength. 1 Extra Economic Policy.

    UU: Caravela Latina - Replaces Caravel and Unlocks with Exploration. +1 Movement and +1 Visibility on the coast.

    UU UA: Caravela Latina Science - Caravela Latina, anchored at Porto (with an Estaleiro) and in an adjacent Campus with a subsequent CLIFF, places Escola de Sagres National Wonder in Campus.

    UU UA: Caravela Latina Trade - Caravela Latina, anchored at Porto (with Porto Maritimo), adjacent to a commercial hub and subsequently to the city center, places Casa da Guiné National Wonder in Commercial Hub.

    João II

    Spoiler :

    Quote: I am "El Hombre", Isabella said! Let us sign Tordesillas treaty and divide the world ;-)

    UA: Sea Devotion - Extra amenities and gold for each trade route with a city-state, and even more if Portugal is the Sovereign. Portuguese renaissance naval units start with the 'Volta do Mar' ability ( which gives +1 movement in the open sea) and can be purchased at half price.

    UU: Caravela Latina - Replaces Caravel and Unlocks with Exploration. +1 Movement and +1 Visibility on the coast.

    UU UA: Caravela latina Milestones - Caravela Latina, upon moving adjacent to an uncrowded Coastal hill with an adjacent Luxury or Resource, places a Padrao on it.

    UU UA: Caravela Latina Commerce - Caravela Latina, anchored at Porto (with Porto Maritimo), adjacent to a commercial hub and subsequently to city center, places Casa da Mina National Wonder in Commercial Hub.

    Manuel I

    Spoiler :

    Quote: Esmeraldo de Situ Orbis, I am the king of Iberia and of the new world!

    UA: Manueline Style - International Trade Routes to other civilizations provide +4 Culture for Portugal, 1 extra diplomacy slot, -50% of war weariness

    UU: Galeão - Replaces Frigate. + 5 melee and ranged strength.

    UU UA: Nau Religion and Culture - Nau, anchored at Porto (with Porto Maritimo), adjacent to a holy site hub and subsequently to the city center, places Mosteiros dos Jerónimos National Wonder in Holy Site. Unique Monk Missionary - Monge Jerónimo - can be generated.

    UU UA: Nau Defense - Nau, anchored at Porto (with Estaleiro), adjacent to a plain terrain, build Torre de Belém National Wonder on Coast, Occupying the two tiles.

    Afonso de Albuquerque

    Spoiler :

    Quote: I don't accept gifts, come and trade with me at my ship if you dare since I am the Lion of the Seas!

    UA: Mare Clausum: Mare Clausum Receive +2 Gold for each Feitoria. All Ranged Naval Units receive +1 Range and All Naval units Heal at a faster rate.

    UU: Caravela Redonda - Replaces Caravel with +5 Combat Strength and available ate Square Rigging. Gains additional strength when within two tiles of an embarked Trader Unit, and increases the Combat of adjacent Naval Units by +5.

    UU: Nau do Trato - Unique Sea Trader to trade exclusively with city-states, entering their borders, up to 3, and back to Porto adds money to treasure, 20, 100, 500.

    UU UA: Nau Central Commerce - Nau, anchored at Porto (with Porto Maritimo), adjacent to a commercial hub and subsequently to city center, places Casa da India National Wonder in Commercial Hub.

    Macau replaces Lisbon

    Connective Justice (new Diplomatic Policy)
    + 6 diplomacy policies

    Nautical Science (requires Ship Building, Celestial Navigation, and Military Tactics; Required for Cartography and Mass Production)

    Additionally, EDITED the tech tree (besides adding nautical science) with no ORPHANS! The new tech and civic trees:

    Tech Tree since Sailing

    Civic Tree since Naval Tradition

    Enjoy! :)

    Spoiler :

    Mod ideas and structure from:

    @Rob (R8XFT) - Anno Domini
    @Chinese American - Hamtasy Civ
    @Rob (R8XFT) - Punt Civilization
    @ArticOcean - Sikh Civilization
    @Infixo - Real Great People (INTEGRATED WITH MOD)
    @Magil - Magil's Wondrous Wonders
    @Socra - Alternative City-State Colors
    @LeeS - Really Advanced Setup Lite (INTEGRATED WITH MOD)
    @UncivilizedGuy - Immersive Eras
    @raen - No Orphan Tech or Civic (INTEGRATED WITH MOD)
    @kingchris20 - Republic of Pirates
    @raen - New Policies (INTEGRATED WITH MOD)


    @Atlas627 and @Ikael - Portuguese Civ (in construction)


    @LastSword - Afonso de Albuquerque
    @LastSword - João II
    @Mediocrity - Dinis I (and also João II and Albuquerque new Icons)
    @ShiroToraRyu - Help with Viriato.
    @LastSword - Manuel I


    @Deliverator - Civ 5 units for civ 6
    @ShiroToraRyu - Nau hull painted black for Nau do Trato.
    @Lonecat Nekophrodite - Corrected Shooting Animation of Nau


    @LeeS - Dummy Buildings Utilities
    @Leugi ´s and others Steam Civs


    @FurionHuang - Tutorial: Adding Music to Your MOD Civilization
    @NerdByFate - Civilization 6: Rise of Datlof

    @DeepSoul - Art making.

    Support Info:
    - Changes Tech tree to add "nautical science" and have no orphan techs & civics. Other mods who change tech tree may have some incompatibility.
    - I integrated Real Great People from infixo to make "grande explorador", I am always looking for updates in this one. The support info is that you don't need real great people to play it, otherwise will be in conflict (duplication)

    - YnAEMP support added, it removes pastor lusitano at the start though,when active.

Recent Reviews

  1. GabrielFM07
    Version: V27.50Beta
    There are no words to describe the coolness of this mod, reviving Viriatus's campaing in defense of celtiberia against the romans as Lusitani is just... there are no words to describe. So far I have only tried out the Lusitani and I can't complain, its being a blast.
    Playing this mod again after 4 years brings back memories, I remember playing a mirror map-match as João II back then where I became so rich for trading with city-states since classical that by renaissance I simply bought-spamed "Caravelas" and threw them blindly into all the other civs and won the DomVic, it was the most fun I EVER had in civ6.
    I'm currently playing as the Lusitani in YNAMP Large Europe alongside with Sukritact's Gauls and its amazing how the two of them naturally love each other (taking that you play as a historically {and agenda-wise} accurate Lusitani) and its fun as hell to join forces with Vercingetorix to keep the Celtic lands uninvaded (helped him retake his capital twice just to keep the romans from expanding/growing and turning towards me, 5head move). I still have to play as João II again and relive the memories but I had to come here and share my thoughts, this mod is awesome... can't recommend it enough.
    1. raen
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your nice extensive feedback and very glad you like it., Lusitani are really the top of the cake, when it came to mind I rushed to do it. Also have few words to describe what happened along four years, but check out new ship´s graphics (from civ5), specially Caravela Latina and Nau. And since Pastor Lusitano belongs to Lusitani, Portugal will get only one at the start game. Your post is a boost to continue with the mod. Best regards :)
  2. Das Capitolin
    Das Capitolin
    Version: V18.2Beta
    Works well enough for a beta, but some bugs exist such as multiples of the same scientific technologies (displays three Colossus icons in Shipbuilding for example).
    1. raen
      Author's Response
      Many Thanks! I appreciate your comments. Colossus and others are duplicated/triplicated because I had to triplicate harbor for great explorers , national wonders, projects and others, to be unique for Portugal and each leader, no other pretty way to do it at the moment.
  3. Prime.
    Version: V0.5 Beta
    Working great so far, unique ideas which make a different playstyle from the other civs. Looking forward to the cosmetic changes!
    1. raen
      Author's Response
      Many thanks! You just gave me a boost (civ 6 feature :)). I will add more then cosmetic real soon!
  4. GabrielFM07
    Version: V0.5 Beta
    Working perfectly here, it lacks some icons and descriptions but for a beta it's perfect, not experienced any crash, bug or conflict while playing :D
    1. raen
      Author's Response
      Many Thanks! all your comments in "Discussion" and this review make me go even more forward with this project to add Portuguese.