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CIV Gold Revived 1.0

A continuation of CIV Gold that adds 120 Wonders! 17 Religions! New Civs! And much more!

  1. Louis the XIV
    This is a continuation of the abandoned CIV Gold mod which adds around 100 something new Civilizations!
    Till now I have added
    -platyping's Giga and Mega pack, so 120 new Wonders and 30 new Projects.
    -Scrolling scoreboard.
    -10 new Religions so now there are 17 religions.
    -Earth Evolution 2 Map. An Earth map inspired by Rhye's earth map.
    -10 New Religions!
    -Yakut civilizations created by me.
    For more info on what is going to be added in the future visit the thread right over Here!

    Download Instructions:
    The file downloaded is an EXE. All you have to do is put in the path to your mods folder in BtS and it will create a folder named CIV Gold Revived in that path.

    All the credits for CIV Gold are in the txt document but here are the credits for what I added.
    -@Johny Smith